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Mare & Stallion studbook

The ICAMS Studbook


The International Curly Approved Mare & Stallion studbook (ICAMS) is an international database administered by the ICHO Genesis Committee. ICAMS is a Curly Horse studbook that will identify breeding quality (breed-improving or above average) Curly Horses of all types. ICAMS provides education to the membership, supports members in breeding quality Curly horses, and facilitates breed genesis within types. Compatible inspections will use 1 - 10 scoring systems, and focus on form (conformation) as it relates to function (performance), with emphasis on retaining the positive traits of the North American Curly Horse.

Mission The mission of the International Curly Approved Mare and Stallion studbook is to identify, recognize, type, and track breeding-quality Curly Horses, and work towards breed status for the Curly Horse.

Breeding goal:

To produce hypoallergenic curly coated horses of various types - being extraordinarily:

  • docile, friendly & people-oriented, w/ a naturally quiet & calm temperament
  • intelligent, trainable and with an outstanding work ethic
  • genetically healthy and disease-free
  • naturally sound, hardy & durable, with substantive bone & excellent feet
  • athletic and smooth riding

and therefore very suitable for a variety of uses in equestrian work, sports and leisure.

ICAMS Vision Goals  (The goals deemed necessary to achieve the mission)

  • to be an evaluation tool for breeders/sellers to have their Curly Horse(s) or breeding program independently assessed

  • to be an evaluation tool for buyers to help them objectively & accurately determine the level of quality & suitability of Curly Horses being considered for possible purchase/ importation

  • to be an evaluation tool to help establish the (legally legitimate) market value of a Curly Horse

  • to provide support for maintaining & improving the level of quality in Curly Horses

  • to establish one universally common evaluation scoring system that is applicable to all types of Curly Horses

  • to support objective educational evaluations using universal equine conformation ideals & standards

  • to identify horses meeting or exceeding set levels of quality for breeding and/or specialized disciplines

  • to keep records on ICAMS approved Curly Horses

  • To support preservation of North American Curly Horse characteristics. This is valuable to breeders because breed traits such as kind temperament, hardiness & substance of bone, when taken for granted, can, over a surprisingly short time, be easily lost in the sincere efforts to succeed in competitive horse sports or shows where open judges are often the ones setting the standards, regardless of individual breed characteristics.

General Plans for HOW to acheive these goals:

  • Work with various other associations:
    • International Breed-Associations (i.e., Austrian OzeP rare breeds stud book, German CHA)
    • government sanctioned stud books, registries, associations that work w/ through/ under ICHO
    • Birth Registries (i.e. ECHR, NACHR etc.)
    • NA "Club/Type" Associations (Sporthorse, Gaited, Western, Draft, Pony)
    • Inspection & evaluation programs that produce qualifying inspection scores.
  • Set standards for consistent and comparable evaluations for all types of Curly Horses

    • Provide A-Level Generational Tracking [tracking generations of approved horses] which is most important to general non-specialized or all-around type Curly Horses

  • To support breed status initiatives that fit internationally recognized criteria for breed development

    • Provide F-Level Generational Tracking [tracking breed genesis within specialized type classes]

      • Curly Sporthorse
      • Curly Stockhorse
      • Curly Draft & Light Draft Horse

  • To develop an internationally recognized inspection criteria (protocol) for Curly Horses

    • Provide qualification criteria for ICAMS approved inspectors (Breeding & Judging Handbook)
    • Provide sanctioning criteria for scoring systems

Participation - Eligibility

  • Approved Stallions & Mares are eligible to enter Main Breeding Division upon their 4th year of age.
  • Approved Geldings & Young Stock are eligible to enter the Progeny or Non-Breeding Division at any age.
  • All approved horses must be registered with an ICHO affiliated Curly Horse breed registry.

Basic Criteria for Inspections

Areas of Inspection:

a) Entry Qualification Initial physical examination to be performed by Judge or on-site Veterinarian prior to evaluation. Identity is established. Disqualifying heritable faults such as uneven bite & monorchidism in stallions are checked for. Horse is photographed. Measurements are taken, weight estimated, body score, cannon bone, hoof or shoe size, and any other applicable observations are recorded.
b) In hand Inspection Quality & Conformation is evaluated in a halter class style inspection.
c) At Liberty Inspection Free moving horse is evaluated; running loose; free jumping-optional; alt. lounged.
d) In Work Inspection Performance - ridden or driven class, to display trainability, movement in work.
e) Temperament Assessment Temperament display is combined within scores in all areas of inspection.
f) Breed Character Assessment Breed traits & breed character is also judged in combination w/ scores in all areas of inspection.
g) Type Assessment Judge indicates type when apparent, with any accompanying commentary.

Areas of Record:

a) Individual Records ID records, DNA records, photographs, pedigree, survey records, other miscellaneous records.
b) Show Records Records from independently awarded Associations, open Horse shows, or Performance records.
c) Progeny Records Progeny scores may be computed from qualifying inspection scores of DNA proven progeny.

ICAMS Minimum Approval Scores  ...  in a 1 - 10 scoring system

No single score below 5

Minimum average scores:

Main Breeding Division: Stallions: 7
Mares: 6
Progeny & Non-Breeding Division: Geldings: 6
Youngstock: 6

Scorecards: In development now, check back soon.

Public Property: All ICAMS approved horse scores (in complete detail) are subject to publication and are available to ICHO members upon request.

Judge Approval Process

in development now; check back soon

ICHO Curly Horse Evaluation Guide
A Handbook for Breeders & Judges; final language and hard copy in development now; check back soon.

Determining Age of Horses by Their Teeth, Wayne Loch and Melvin Bradley Department of Animal Sciences, University of Missouri-Columbia

Unsoundnesses and Blemishes of Horses: Feet and Legs, Wayne Loch and Melvin Bradley Department of Animal Sciences, University of Missouri-Columbia

Unsoundnesses and Blemishes of Horses: Head, Body, Respiratory Tract and Stable Vices, Melvin Bradley Department of Animal Sciences, University of Missouri-Columbia

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*Sage Warrior*Hawk*Kreskin*Houston*Velvet*Sandman

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