North American Curly Horse Inspection Program

Ann Marie Gregoire, Julie Hueftle, the immortal *Sparlock & his rider.


NACHIP is a North American program that will supply inspection scores compatible with ICAMS, the International Curly Approved Mare and Stallion studbook. It has been developed to meet the requirements of North American Curly horse owners and in support of the vision of ICAMS. The first inspection was held in Oct. 2005 at the New Mexico ICHO AGM, hosted by Bob and Donna Hedicke with Ann Marie Gregoire, a USEF 'r' dressage judge, presiding. It served to both inspect the first group of horses and to test the proposed North American approach for its suitability in the North American environment. The results led to the following inspection directives.


1. Provide consistent and high quality inspection results that would support the vision and goals of ICAMS, allowing North American horses to be entered into the ICAMS program

2. Provide an affordable program that will be attractive and useful to Curly horse owners regardless of individual goals, age or sex of horse (mare, stallion or gelding)

3. Provide a program that will help fill the needs of people buying long distance to get a reliable and comparable evaluation on the type and conformation of horses of interest

4. Help fill out pedigrees with information that is useful in the development of special emphasis (type) breeding programs

5. Provide some comparable information on general body type, style and breeding recommendations for owners and breeders

6. Provide education to Curly horse owners & breeders so we can better understand the importance of good conformation and how it impacts the usefulness and longevity of horses, and how this will help us preserve the most fundamental and important traits of our Curly Horses

7. Provide the base for progressive generations of approved curly horses, potentially leading to an evolved breed

NACHIP Inspection Recommendations. If you are considering holding a Curly Horse show or inspection, and would like the resulting scores to be compatible for submission to ICAMS for studbook approval, go here to read over the recommendations for holding a NACHIP inspection event. This is an overview of what information you as the prospective host will want to gather up and send to the Genesis Committee for support and coordination.

NACHIP Inspection Procedure. Here is the step by step procedure & protocol of NACHIP - outlined by Genesis Committee, for a NACHIP program inspection event. This is not carved in stone, but covers all necessary steps for producing scores that will be compatible for subsequent ICAMS application for the participants who wish to pursue that.

GC Criteria for Listing ICAMS Approved Judges. Along with the few judges already used by the Genesis Committee for the first inspections in North America & Europe, we are developing criteria for listing more ICAMS approved judges in the future.

NACHIP Inspection Scorecard. Here is the scorecard format that will ensure scores compatible with applying to ICAMS studbood for approval. (Being finalized by Donna Hedicke at this time)

How to Have a Great Inspection. Here is a write up of a NACHIP Overview adapted from the AWS Inspection Overview. This will provide a prospective host with good information about what to expect and what to prepare for in hosting a NACHIP Inspection. This is intended as a resource and is not necessarily a reflection of policy or requirements at this time.

Hosting Application. Here is a convenient form for a prospective host to fill out when contacting GC indicating interest or intent to hold a NACHIP inspection. This is intended as a resource and is not necessarily a reflection of policy or requirements at this time.

NACHIP Enrollment Form. Here is another convenient form - an example of what a prospective host could hand out to potential participants for their Inspection.

Host Enrollment List. Here is a good form to use to alert ICHO Genesis Committee of the enrolled participants expected to attend the Inspection a little ahead of time. This indicates number of horses and degree of participation in advance; facilitates good communication & coordination.

NACHIP Catalogue of Entries. In response to receipt of above Host Enrollment List, the GC can then provide host with a Catalog of Entries.

Many of these forms & the protocol they represent is taken from other inspection programs, and will be re-evaluated after using them a few times.

Who to Contact for More Information:
ICHO Genesis Committee
ECHIP in Europe - LIGHT Horse Inspection Program:

Lene Jensen, Norway
Karen Zierler, Austria
Marianne Bornemark, Sweden
NACHIP in North America - LIGHT Horse Inspection Program:
ICHO Sport Association

Donna Hedicke
Sandy Hendrickson
Amy Stein

ICHO Gaited Association

Lene Jensen
Terry Schmidt
Bunny Reveglia
Jackie Richardson

ICHO Western Association

Andrea Schaap
Donna Vickery
Karen Zierler

NACHIP in North America - Draft Horse Inspection Program:
ICHO Homesteader Assn

Bunny Reveglia
Jackie Richardson


Published: March 2006

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